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Online Events

The online events that I have created for Bigo Live were created around three growth goals: DAU, revenue, ARPPU. During the first quarter of my time there, I helped my Bigo Live Spain & Portugal increase 20% DAU. 10% ARPPU, and $10k+ in revenue. The following are a few examples.

Event planning cycle:

  1. Identify target user and understand event goal

  2. Analyze data from past events to extract pattern and room for improvement

  3. Create event rules based on past data and create design

  4. Plan budget and generate ROI prediction

  5. Create event landing page and promo plan

  6. Closely monitor the event in real time and make adjustments accordingly to maximize the outcome

  7. Event retrospective

Día Nacional de España

The Spanish National Day event made use of the national holiday to create a recharge incentive in-app event that resulted in an ROI of 20%+

Crea Com-Bigo

Crea Com-Bigo is a monthly content creation-oriented incentivizing event. This incentive effectively drove up the participation of users in the Bigo communities, diversified the content mix, elevated the entertainment value of the app, and ultimately encouraged users to create their own UGC without official incentive.

Embajador de Bigo Live España


Embajador de Bigo Live España is a monthly ranking event designated toward the content creators on Bigo Live. This event takes into account a variety of in-app factors such as monthly contribution, popularity, etc. to find the Ambassador for Bigo Live Spain of the month. This is one of the most popular events within the Bigo Live Spain community, as it provides the creators the opportunity to be casted on a national billboard.

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