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Offline Events

As the founding member of the Marketing Department of Bigo Live  MENA, one of the largest operational regions in Bigo Live, here is what a day in my life as an Event Producer looks like:

  1. Create event calendar for the year ahead to identify key dates, holidays, and preplan work schedule for each upcoming event

  2. Identify goals of the event and create plan for involvement of internal teams

  3. Research user demographics and psychographics, cultural background of the target region, as well as potential locations for the event

  4. Reach out to potential vendors to undertake the endeavor

  5. Location scouting and event rundown strategies

  6. Contract drafting and negotiation

  7. Digital and traditional marketing plan

  8. Event preparation and onsite management

  9. Retrospective

Check out some of my favorite projects!

Bigo Live Charity Retreat

As the marketing manager for the Bigo Live MENA, I planned and executed the onsite charity event and coordinated with the online fundraiser that raised $15,000 during Eid al Adha, 2023

I reached out to over 20 NGOs in the Middle East to identify a suitable partner for the event. I ultimately selected the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) for its excellent reputation and proven track record of providing high-quality care to children with cancer. The collaboration gained 5m PR impression, and offered children with cancer a fun day to cherish forever.


Bigo Live x Ultra Abu Dhabi

When I first joined BIGO, I made it a personal goal to establish a partnership between BIGO and an EDM festival. Not only is it great for our business, but it is also a symbol of self-actualization. I thought of a three-year-plan to get to that point - but it fast forward to 9 months later, I helped BIGO establish it's very first partnership with one of the biggest EDM brands in the world - Ultra Abu Dhabi!

This partnership created a huge splash in the Middle East and even Europe, reaching 7M+ impressions in media and generated a considerable amount of revenue.

Dino Goes to Qatar


In support of a comedy show of some of the biggest comedy names in the Middle East, including 3a Ka3ba, Amal Taleb, Abbas Jaafar and etc. we collaborated with a long-term MCN partner to put up the show as well as put our new dino IP on the Al Jaber Twin Towers in Lusail, Qatar.

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