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Hi, I'm Sunny

Content Creator, Social Media Manager, Event Producer

📍 Based in the airport


“She makes the best cheese foam tea.” 🧋 - my colleagues.

Hi, I’m Sunny, and I believe in creating memorable experiences through providing value - whether it’s making tea for my colleagues, or helping brands connect with their customers.
I am:
🌐 a native Mandarin + English speaker with native fluency in Spanish
🎥 a content creator that is always bustling with ideas
🌉 a bridge that connects people from different cultures and sectors
At work, I:
🗺️ create fun, memorable live events both on and offline
📊 use data to make business decisions
🌎 manage a global team across different cultures and time zones
Outside of work, you can catch me:
💃 dancing (wherever, whenever)
🎤 singing (possibly with my ukulele)
🍹developing new tea recipes

Fun fact: you might’ve seen me on your fyp

Some Fun Data


Brand collaborations

And gained 1M+ views on TikTok & IG!


Countries worked out of

US, China, Turkey, Morocco, Jordan, just to name a few! Where to next?


Languages mastered

Still working on Turkish, Arabic, French, and Polish


People made happier :)

As told by my social media families :)

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